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If you find any illegal content in any of the included links,
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(as of 1 January 2005)

  • I've submitted my site 3 times, but it still isn't listed?

    That's because your site is not automatically added, I review all submissions before eventually adding them. You will receive an email stating if your site will be linked or not (providing you supplied a valid e-mail address)

  • Why have you removed my site?

    Most sites are removed because they can't handle the extra traffic generated after being linked from Some sites are removed because their content was changed after being linked from in such a way that the site no longer abides by the requirements.

  • How can I remove my site?

    Sometimes, some site owners do not want their site, that was submitted by a third party, to be linked on BoyLinks for various reasons. These reasons include exceeded bandwidth or differences with BoyLinks' intention. In any case, requests to remove a link might be sent using the submit form. The site will then get placed on a blacklist and not linked again.

  • What happens when obvious illegal content was submitted?

    On very rare occasions, some stupid people have the idea to submit sites with hardcore child porn stuff to BoyLinks. Such sites are immediately being reported to authorities and the direct provider of the site as we are against violence of any kind and especially when children are involved.

  • What does this /cgi/deref.cgi?url= thing in each URL mean?

    This prefix to each URL is the so-called dereferer. With normal browsers, each request to a server also includes a field with the URL from where you are accessing this server. So, pages linked on BoyLinks can see that you come from BoyLinks. The dereferer script strips off this referer and thus hides where you are coming from. Attention: this does not seem to work with some old browsers (including MSIE 5 on Mac and Konqueror). Also several Safari versions (including the latest) are affected.

  • Website X has gone, do you know what happened to it?

    No, I don't. Usually, site owners don't tell me the reasons for the removal of their sites.

  • I'm looking for pics of boy X, can you help me find them?

    No, I cannot.

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